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Buying Liquor Bottles: Why You Should Opt For Quality Instead of Quantity

After a big dinner with friends or family many of us enjoy a glass of liquor. Can you enjoy a glass of liquor without problems or should you better avoid it? To find out more and get some answers, have a look on the internet, where you can find a great tool that helps you calculate the recommended alcohol limit for your gender and age. 

People are getting more and more aware of the effects of alcohol and there is a trend towards enjoying alcohol responsibly. As a consequence many consumers decide to opt for a high quality product like Defi Spirits instead of buying the most economical product on the shelf.

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A small glass of spirits (25 ml) with an alcohol content of around 40% vol. corresponds to 1 unit of alcohol: This is clearly below the maximum recommended limit for both genders, so even if you have a glass of wine with your dinner, occasionally enjoying a good glass of liquor is not considered “harmful” for your health. 

You have surely seen the advice, to consume alcohol responsibly, on the bottles – so put that into practice and you can have your glass of alcohol after a rich meal without any problems.