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How To Postpone Your Wedding Smoothly In South Wales?

Postponing your wedding is never an easy decision, but when it does happen (thanks to a global pandemic, for example!), its important to keep your loved ones in the loop.

Instead of spending hours on the phone, sending Change the Date announcements is a stress-free way to communicate changes with your guests. You can even get help from the wedding planners via decourceys.co.uk/wedding-venues-South-Wales for your wedding management without any hassle.

What Are Changing the Dates?

Change the Dates (otherwise known as wedding postponement cards) are a way to update your guests about you guessed it a change in your wedding date. They are typically sent as a digital announcement, but can also be a physical card posted in the mail.

Sending Change the dates means you dont need to make individual phone calls to each of your guests and can be a nicer alternative to a traditional text message. They can be used to announce your new wedding date (if confirmed), or simply to explain that your plans are on hold for now.

When To Send Change the Dates

Wed suggest organizing change the dates as soon as youve made the decision to postpone your wedding, even if you havent confirmed a new date. This is especially important if your guests have booked flights and accommodation, or made special arrangements with work and/or childcare. Your loved ones will appreciate being kept in the loop so they can change their plans accordingly.