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What Can Recycled Plastic Be Used For?

The importance of plastic recycling, as well as the recycling and diversion of various other inorganic and organic materials, plays an increasingly important role as society looks for ways to create a sustainable future for life on our planet.

Fortunately, this modern scrap plastic material that once filled landfills is now proving to be a recyclable substance that can be used to make a wide variety of useful products. With a wide variety of plastics being produced and now being recycled, it seems that we are finally seeing the dawn of sustainable solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Plastic Scrap Inspection

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Plastics such as PET, high-density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene, PVC or vinyl, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, and others can now be recycled. Each of these different recycled plastics has different uses, some of which are discussed below.

First, PET and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are used in many food packaging such as bottles and trays. While plastics such as PVC can be food poisonous and contaminated, the two previous types of materials are considered safe for human consumption.

Apart from using the new PET and HDPE resins to make these products, recycled plastic products can also be used to make safe and effective food packaging. Due to this fact, many leading brands are choosing recycled products over new plastics to achieve more sustainable production.

Like PET and HDPE, PVC from plastic recycling facilities is safe and durable enough to be reused in construction products. It is a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for this material which could be considered potentially toxic to the environment if sent to landfill.