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Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Sedation Dental Care

An impacted tooth can cause no problems whatsoever, however, in certain cases, it may cause swelling of the gums or even pain in the gums or the ear. If the impacted tooth partially appears, it can accumulate food and other debris causing infections. The teeth could also develop decay or give effect to a cyst or other harmless jaw tumors which could, in rare cases, lead to the destruction of the bone. It is in situations like these that dentist suggests removal or extraction of teeth.

Wisdom teeth extraction

Many times when teeth create problems such as pain or infection in patients, they are advised to see an oral or maxillofacial surgeon. There are even cases when teeth give rise to infection, in which case removing the decade tooth is the best available option of treatment. Even your dentist can help you in these cases, by opt for wisdom teeth extractions using local anesthesia or sedation.

Surgical Tooth Extraction Hawkesbury

Usually, teeth extraction cost depends on a lot of factors like what kind of infection you are dealing with, how much decay or damage is present, whether you need just one wisdom tooth taken out or more than one; and so on. Depending on all these factors, your dentist can decide if it will take five minutes or a good half hour, or even surgery for your teeth removal.

Many people have a phobia when it comes to the dentist’s chair. Also, in certain people, the ability to tolerate pain is limited. In such cases, it makes sense to go for sedation dentistry which is essential, using sedatives or relaxing agents in dental procedures. Sedation can be light or moderate or deep, depending on the procedures involved.