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Immigration and Visas for Singapore

Singapore is now the commercial and business hub of Southeast Asia thanks to its smart immigration policies. It has intentionally adapted its policies to attract qualified businessmen and qualified professionals from around the globe.

Entry to visit

All travelers are required to go through immigration clearance upon arrival into Singapore, in order to get granted visit passes by immigration officers at the point of entry.

Work permits

Employment Work Pass (EP).

Permitted to company owners and skilled employees with a monthly salary exceeding SGD $3,000. Holder of a degree from a recognized university. This permit is valid for two years. It can be renewed upon continued employment. Permanent residence can be applied for by the holder.

Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)

This pass is for newly formed companies that wish to move to Singapore. It is valid for one year but can be renewed as long as the company is still viable. Permanent resident status is available to holders.

S Pass

Mid-skilled workers who earn at least S$2,000 per month are eligible for a pass. The pass is valid for between one and two years, at the discretion of authorities. It can be renewed as long as the applicant remains employed by the employer. Permanent residence status may be applied for by holders.

Personal Employment Pass (PEP).

Professionals who want to work in Singapore are permitted to apply for this pass. It is valid for three years, but cannot be renewed. The holder may change their job but must find another within six months. They cannot also start a business. Permanent resident status may be available to holders.