The Role and Measures of Nutrients for Plant Growth

The environment plays an important role in plant growth, but only to a certain extent. The quality of nutrition is what determines the crop's quality and output once the environment has been optimized. 

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Both ammonium (NH4) and Nitrate (NO3) fertilizers are absorbed by plants. The standard fertilizer mix contains both nitrate and ammonium forms. However, ammonium levels should not be higher than nitrate. A safe level is 10-20 times the amount of nitrogen in the Nitrate form relative to the Ammonium.


The phosphorus content in the nutrient mixture must be high for plants to flower/fruit. For most crops, a phosphorus level of 15-30 ppm is sufficient. In these stages, excess phosphorus can cause imbalances in iron, calcium, and zinc. Because iron and zinc are associated with greenness, phosphorus should be increased only when there is an increase in calcium, iron, and zinc. 


Calcium is an essential component of plant cell walls and plays an important part in cell division. Calcium must be used in a similar ratio to phosphorus. It should also be applied in higher amounts than 1.5X the amount of potassium. It is important to maintain a 3:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium. 



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