Tree Cutting – an Art and a Science

Regarding tree maintenance, there are mainly two types of tree pruning. The selective tree pruning can improve the health of trees and longevity.

Today we will talk about the second type. Although this type of task is best handled by tree trimming experts, there are a few things you should know.

When cutting

Arborists are universally united to say that damaged, diseased trees, insects ravaged limbs or dead legs should be removed as soon as possible. They also point out that if you have a choice, it is certainly the best time to prune – right in the transition from winter to spring.

The Potential Benefits of Tree Removal Services

How to transplant

When pruning for health reasons, you should cut the branches as close to the base as you can, without leaving a point, but remove excess skin from the tree's body.

As you walk inspecting the damage at eye level and on the ground, it is important to remember to look inside the tree for damage to the top of the head that could cause future injury or danger.

Ideally, when you do this type of tree pruning, you not only want to cut a branch, you want to keep the tree's proportions and shape while improving health. As with most things in nature, the best trees function as symmetrical and balanced. This is where art comes from.

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