Use Only Apple MFI Certified Cables For Your Apple Devices

Apple-certified cables have been tested for safety and compatibility, making them a safe choice for your Apple devices. To prevent your iPhone or iPad from being damaged with the wrong cable, Apple has developed a test program for all Lightning and USB-C to Lightning cables from third-party providers.

This test program checks how secure the cable is and whether it works optimally with all Apple devices. The approved Lightning cable is MFI certified (Made for iPhone/iPad) and can be recognized by the MFI logo on the packaging and online. Apple MFI cables are the best for any apple device.

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In the worst case, an uncertified cable could damage the battery or Lightning port on your Apple device. Also, charging and data transfer can be slower than with MFI certified cables.

Owners of Apple gadgets often experience problems with cables and charging in general. Apple devices can detect cable reliability. Genuine and certified cables have a special chipset that helps the operating system determine cable security.

The first available cable doesn't work for Apple products, or if it does – i.e. it works, only works for a very short time until the iOS device discovers a fake.

If you see the message "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work properly with this iPhone", then you can safely dispose of it. Of course, there are various online recommendations for using a cable in such cases, but after a week or two you will be tired of the problem of daily charging.


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