Web Design Guide in 2021

A brand-new year is coming, and this article will discuss you on what are the best web design practice that you should do this year.

First and foremost, when it comes to design, it needs detail. A detail that not just for the designers taste but also for the users and visitors who will be browsing information from your web site. There are many web designing companies that are offering online services such as web development and SEO services. However, some web service companies are offering this as a package.

So, what are the best practices that you should have on your web design and development.

A website should be a mobile friendly, this is the first requirement to have on your site. Almost 80% of web users are using mobile phones and tablets. It is very ugly if your site is not mobile friendly and texts are not readable when viewed using mobile and tablet devices.

A website should be colorful. This doesn’t mean that you need to put 10 colors on your website, it simply means that black and white website does not look good. Put 2 to 3 colors on the site as your main color on your background, text, links and menus and it will look good and people will enjoy browsing the contents.

Make your website a user friendly. This is very common requirement to have in your website. A not user-friendly website will have a high bounce rate and people will just leave the site after few seconds.

So to conclude, those are just the main 3 requirements to have on your website.

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