What are the Three Types of Structural Soil

There are many different types of topsoil around the world, topsoil types can vary drastically even over short distances, so your topsoil can be very different from the soil on the other side of your village or even on the road.

Although there are many different soils, they can usually be classified into three structural types: These three species are usually found in varying proportions in most soils.

A gardener’s favorite mixture is sandy loam, which typically contains about 40% silt, 40% sand, and 20% clay, which creates fertile soil that retains nutrients and moisture around plant roots but does not become soggy or soggy. You can visit https://therockyard.com.au/topsoil to buy the best-bagged topsoil for lawns or gardens.

The pH of the topsoil also varies due to the mineral composition of your soil. It is important to know the acidity of the topsoil because some plants grow better in different pH conditions. For example, rhododendrons prefer acidic soils and lavender prefer alkaline soils (lime soils are alkaline).

When buying hummus for your garden, it is best to try to purchase quality humus that is fit for the purpose you need it for. From a horticultural point of view, it can hardly be confused with good sandy topsoil, also with the addition of humus in the form of a soil enhancer.

If you buy topsoil in bulk, make sure you know where the soil came from, or at least the type of soil you’re buying, and be aware of reclaimed soil made from recycled waste.