What You Need To Know Before Buying Critical Illness Cover

Most individuals, especially the upwardly mobile young executives, know the importance of a health insurance. However, even they tend to overlook the importance of a critical illness cover. However, they should reconsider their decision. You can also get critical illness insurance for truckers via searching the web.

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According to a recent study conducted the maximum increment in critical illness incidence rates was experienced in the age bracket of 26-35 years.

Other insurers also have a similar story to tell. Not only are lifestyle disorders becoming more rampant, but they are also affecting younger population.

While claims for lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart attack and diabetes from people below 40 years of age stood at 23%, it has shot up to 38%.

Unlike life insurance, which only pays on your death, critical illness insurance is designed to pay you a lump sum or income should you be diagnosed with a life threatening or debilitating condition. Most people in this position cannot continue to work so the policy benefits help to replace lost income.

There are lots of policies available, all with different terms and conditions, so it pays to get independent advice before you buy. Our specialist teams have been providing critical illness policies for many years and have access to all the leading insurers, so we can make sure you get the right policy.


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