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Better Ways For Fixing Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Your dog is a wild, spinning, and a frantic bundle of energy when you get home from work. You are greeted by your dog in your bedroom. She has destroyed your expensive shoes. Your neighbor complains to you that your dog is causing havoc in the neighborhood by howling all day. This is likely to be the case if your dog suffers from separation anxiety.

These are five tips for having dog separation anxiety training


Before you leave the house, take your dog on a walk.

Start your day with a brisk walk with the dog. To make the walk more challenging, you can use a dog pack that has additional weight. Reward the dog for its calm, submissive energy with food and water. All dogs can benefit from some water, even though they need to rest before eating. This is where you can leave your dog to relax and be calm while you're away.

No talk, no touch, no eye contact

Don't make too much noise when you leave the house or when you return. Doing so will communicate to your dog that it isn't difficult for you to be away. You may need to practice this rule for five minutes or more depending on how anxious your dog is.

Before you go, say goodbye to your dog

If your dog is having difficulty with the no-touch, no talk, or eye contact rule, don't forget to say goodbye. Remember that this is for your dog, so don't be afraid to leave.

Be calm and assertive

When you're ready to go, let your worries, guilt, and nervousness go. Instead, let the dog know that everything will be fine by projecting the confidence of a leader to him. Dogs can be less anxious about separation anxiety if they have calm and assertive leaders.

Start small, leaving your dog alone for five minutes.

Allow the dog to be left alone for five minutes, then increase this time to 20 minutes and finally to an hour. You can increase your time away over a week to reach 8 hours.

Is Boarding Your Dog A Great Decision?

If you are planning a trip but may not bring your canine friend, you should think about making use of doggie boarding services. This will let your family pet to stay in a secure and safe place while you're away.

A top quality facility will provide your canine friend with the proper care and attention that he or she is deserving of. This will mean you won't have to be concerned about your pet being neglected or even abused. Check this out to know the benefits of this particular service.

At a boarding facility, your dog will not be ignored. Instead, she or he is going to be played with and walked on a regular basis. Because of this, your canine friend is certain to get the regular exercise and extra love that's needed. 

Another advantage of using a doggie boarding program is the fact that your animal's care along with health and fitness needs aren't going to be dismissed. If your four-legged friend needs prescribed medication as well as additional medical care on a regular basis, it's not an issue.

Trained personnel will give your four-legged friend their very own dosages on a regular basis. In addition, if your dog has other extra care demands, the boarding facility is able to figure out a regimen that works best for you along with your furry friend.


Why Pet Grooming Is Important?

If you have a pet at home, then you should understand the importance of pet grooming. Getting your pet groomed often ensures that your pet receives the best possible care and welfare.

This will also ensure that you or your family members do not suffer from any kind of allergies from your favorite cat or dog's fur. If you are looking for more information about pet grooming you can click here now .

pet grooming

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By grooming your pet regularly, it can help reduce allergies from your pet as well as keep it clean. This is especially important if you always keep it indoors.

In addition to getting clear health benefits from grooming your pet, you can also get the added benefit of bonding with your pet through those pet-raising sessions. These bonding sessions will allow your pet to relax emotionally and physically with you. It also allows you to find out which places your pet likes and dislikes.

Most of all, whenever your pet has a health problem, you are likely to find out first. You can easily identify hair loss, skin diseases and other problems such as health problems not visible to the naked eye.

Pet grooming is quite easy and all you have to do is pay attention to some of the following tips and you will be good to go. The most important process in pet grooming is to make sure that you shampoo your pet regularly to clean the skin and hair to get rid of allergies and dandruff.