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All You Need to Know About Foam Insulation


To be precise, spray foam insulation; this is an amazing product. It's said that houses that have been sprayed with the insulating foam on the roof are more comfortable and efficient homes. The spray foam comes in two types, the closed cell and open cell each for different purposes. However, it is not a given guarantee that all spray foam houses will be efficient. Here are a few problems faced: 

  1. Installer missed out on a few spots – this causes a gap allowing humid air into the room which finds a cool surface to condense on. Sometimes during the rainy season,the rainwater drips through these gaps. 
  2. Spray isn't thick enough or complete – you can figure out if the layer is thick enough or incomplete as the foam fills up the framing cavity completely. Closed foam cells don't fill in the cavity so check throughout.
  3. Spraying too much or too little – in a few complex houses of the installer misses a small spot or sprays less foam it may or may not lead to air leak but will surely lead to thermal bypass due to lack of insulation. Another problem is applying too much of the foam as it doesn't leave space between conditioned and unconditioned boundaries. 

Every product has a downside and the insulating foam is no exception but, to avoid any of the unnecessary hazard and waste of money choose from one of the best  glass wool thermal insulations from the best suppliers who have an online presence.