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How Sign-in works in Office 365?

Office 365 is a subscription based service. You can purchase your monthly subscription and work on it easily. Though it is a pay-as-you-go service still one needs to know how they can actually use this service with utmost security and without getting it misused by anyone else. You can learn everything about Office 365 easily by going for Office 365 consulting by https://www.epcgroup.net/office-365.

Office 365 requires login details in order to use this service. Anyone who wishes to access Office 365 needs to sign in with correct information and then use it accordingly. Below is a detail about how sign-in works in Office 365:

Sign-in for Office 365 Home: This allows you to install Office on all your devices and sign in on maximum 5 devices at same time.


– Any person who wishes to use Office 365 must have an account that is linked with Office 365. This can be the same account used to take its subscriptions. With the help of the account details anyone will be able to sign in and use it. 

– You will be required to sign in while using an offline app, whenever you install Office 365 on a device.

– If you have more than 5 devices, Office 365 will sign out of the devices automatically and you will be required to sign in one maximum 5 devices again, whichever you wish to use. 

– You will be only signed in until you sign out. Once you sign out of any device, you will be required to sign in again in order to use the service.

Sign-in for Office 365 Business: Same as Office 365 Home, Office 365 for Business can also be installed upto 5 devices, like, 5 MAC’s, 5 Tablets, 5 PC’s.

– You will be automatically signed in to Office 365 once you sign in to your work or school account. Your school or work login will be only required to activate Office. 

– To make sure you are within your limit you will be only allowed to sign in to maximum 5 devices. If you log in to more than 5 devices you will be automatically signed out of all devices.

– You will stay logged in until you sign out of any device. Once you sign out you will be required to sign in again.

You can easily sign-in and use Office 365 according to your needs. You can take the complete Office 365 training and explore what else features it have and how you can make the most use of it