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Reasons Homeowners Love Pool Covers

After installing a swimming pool in your home or buying a new property that already has one, a lot of homeowners suddenly find that pool ownership is not all it's wrapped up to be – they cost a lot of money, and they aren't all that good for the environment. But, after the installation of a swimming pool covers, a lot of homeowners find their swimming experience a lot more enjoyable, and would definitely recommend covers to others.

1. Pool covers save cleaning time

As covers will span the entire length and width of your swimming pool, generally with an overlap on all sides, they are highly effective at keeping leaves and other debris out of the water. Even during windy weather, most (if not all) of the rubbish flying around is prevented from landing in your swimming pool.

This will save homeowners hours and hours of cleaning – instead of having to clean out your pool every few days or even daily, they can simply give it a quick skim once every couple of weeks. Pool covers can also help to extend the life of your filter, as it will not be forced to work as hard to clear out large pieces of debris.

2. Pool covers extend your swimming season

As anyone who lives in Australia knows, we are subjected to some tumultuous weather patterns – it could be close to 40 degrees Celsius today and then hailing tomorrow. Australian summers are not exempt from this rule, but the installation of a pool cover can go a long way towards extending your family's swimming season.

Why to Buy an Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool closure is a great addition to your swimming pool environment in many ways. Automatic pool cover is costlier than manual closures, but offer valuable benefits.

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In the end you will have more fun at the pool, you will enjoy considerable savings and most importantly – protect your family and loved ones.

Reasons to buy an automatic swimming pool cover:

Security – Pool owners have a reason to buy and install an automatic pool cover. For people who have small children and pets at home, safety is their main concern. Pool cover automatically closes the pool when not in use and thus forms a protective barrier against accidental sinking.

Energy Savings – With an indoor swimming pool, you don't need to turn on the heater to heat as much water as you want in an open pool. This is because the pool cover automatically absorbs heat and stores it in pool water, making the temperature warm and inviting – ideal for swimming at night or morning.

Water protection – evaporation is one of the main causes of water loss. If the pond is not closed, the combination of hot temperatures and strong winds will cause the water in the pond to evaporate quickly.

Reducing chemical usage and costs – There are commercially available chemicals that keep pond water clean and disinfected. As a result, you have to use chemicals repeatedly, which means additional costs.