3 Reasons a B2B E commerce Presence Is Essential

Why do your customers choose you, over your competitors? If you were to poll your customers on what is important to them when choosing a wholesale distributor, their answer will most likely boil down to three main priorities. Learn about B2B portal through B2B ecommerce software at dear system.

They want service that is fast, reliable, and secure. Customer satisfaction can be achieved through B2B Self Service Portal.

Fast Service

The available information, provided by the B2B portal, can streamline your entire business, making you faster and more efficiently. If a customer wants information about the availability of your inventory, B2B ecommerce Portal can provide real-time.

By interacting with your ERP, the portal always up-to-date, and can provide accurate information about inventory availability, order status, account information, etc. The products and services are available to your customers, at any time, from anywhere.

Reliable Information

Your customers need to know that they can rely on the accuracy of your information. No matter what you promise, the only thing that matters is what you deliver.

As humans, we make mistakes. Unfortunately, it only takes a few mistakes for customers who decide to take their business elsewhere. A B2B portal greatly reduces errors by interacting with your ERP.

Safe Access

What is your customer's purchase, and at what price they pay, there is one other business? A B2B portal offers secure access to the tools. With password protection, expiration account rules, and the selection of encryption for passwords and credit card information, your customers know that you appreciate their privacy and safety.

You provide a B2B ecommerce Secure Self Service Portal for your customers. This allows them to always be able to buy and you are always selling.


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