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The low loader is widely used for distribution in the Australia and is the ideal vehicle for many hauling applications. The main benefit of using a low loader is the extra height available. Due to the lower loading area than conventional trailers, legal payloads of up to 3.6 m can be carried, which is not possible with conventional trailers.

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The low loader is a semi-trailer that has two different heights, a drop right after the neck and a drop in front of the rear axle. As a result, the trailer loading area can be very low compared to a regular trailer.

This allows for unusual loads, ideal for hauling heavy equipment and your high hauling needs.

The flexibility of this type of vehicle is equipped to offer low-load trailers for the “vehicle on top of vehicle” transport market. Our multi axle low loader is a trailer that is tough and rugged and also used to haul heavy equipment and heavy equipment.

Low loader trailers are strong and rugged and can carry 60 tonnes of payload including unusual, wide and bulky equipment, machinery and equipment for all types of industry and for agricultural purposes.

Regardless of the load, you can buy a trailer to meet your needs. whether it is transporting excavators, rubber machinery, containers, steel or construction goods.

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