Buying Guide For Camera Phones

Almost all phones today have a built-in camera, but if you are serious about taking photos and want to order prints of mid-range phone base is not enough.

The image quality is limited by the resolution, and the camera in a typical cell phone is currently using 1.0 megapixel or less than 2.0 or 3.0 megapixels common in digital cameras. If you want best android phones to buy under $500 you may make an online search.

This is why buying a camera phone over a matter of choosing phones with cameras.

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Phone with Camera

This is an option if your cell phone make a phone call, but you want to take photos, store photos on mobile phones only, send them to your friends and you have a decent digital camera. All the mobile phone manufacturers have mid-range models with a built-in camera. The camera on this phone is most likely a 1-megapixel or less.

Something more

If you want to have a cell phone that takes pictures you can add to your photo album, I would say a good quality 1-megapixel is the minimum. Remember this is a very personal question and depends on what you are used to.

If your photo album filled with snapshots taken with a long pocket camera then 1-megapixel may be a step forward in quality.

For some reason, if nothing but the best is good enough for you.

Things to Remember When Buying a Camera

– The camera phone can be a great

– The camera does not take a good picture in the dark

– A good lens cover


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