Groups Concerned About Student Migration Changes In Australia

With all the things going on in Australia, visa applications have been very heavily influenced in recent months, while the number of temporary visas to stay pretty much on the good side, a permanent visa has experienced a significant decline. 

One of the groups that have been affected by changes made in the country's immigration program that those who want to secure a student visa. It is interesting to note that the student migration program, in fact, one of the main areas that are given focus by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) in coming out with the new regulations. For more knowledge regarding the student visa visit and find out all the other rules and regulations that are given by DIAC.

Immigrants Boost The Economy And Should Be Welcomed

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Here, one of the biggest changes in the reorganization of the department has instituted a course that is suitable for a permanent visa application. reorganization in accordance with similar changes that were made to the skilled migration program, which is closely linked with the former. Here, the department gives more focus on higher-level programs and education. DIAC also tightened the qualifications required to obtain a student visa.

The department confirmed that the changes are necessary for Australia to better meet the needs of its workers. However, there are several groups that do not welcome the idea. Not surprisingly, the foreign student community is one of the largest groups that are concerned about changes in student migration program. They argue that these changes have greatly affected their chances of getting a visa and study in this country. They also say that the new rules have also begun to scare off potential students from applying for a visa.

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