How Dance Choreographers Become Famous

We all know the idea that an athlete, singer, or band explodes on stage and makes a big impact. Choreographers and dancers are usually more behind the scenes than soccer players or music artists, but if the choreographer does well it can have a big impact on the dance community.

The role of the dancing choreographers is to create dance combinations and sometimes entire dance performances for the dancers. You often have the opportunity to work with the best dancers in the business, especially the best choreographers.

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From time to time a choreographer appears on stage and makes a big impact. Think Wade Robson. Of course, with Wade, his TV show Project Wade Robson certainly helped him and gave him more attention than choreographers usually get.

Usually, the choreographer's influence is less than Wade's and is usually more pronounced in the dance community than in the media in general. Another example is someone like Marty Kudelka, who enjoyed a growing reputation in Los Angeles dance studios for his unique choreographic style before taking a break as assistant choreographer for Janet Jackson's "All For You" world tour.

Careers for dancers and choreographers are usually based on reputation and on the rise. They start out small, and as they work higher up and work with smaller musicians, they can attract the big players.

This appears to be the preferred method of recruiting choreographers for major artists and bands. They know how important music videos and dancers are today and how well the choreography adds to the overall package. Of course, they want a choreographer who is respected.

When someone has a good reputation, they usually find fans among the big decision-makers who often give them a chance. Often this is all it takes – 1 chance. If you do a good job of this, it could mean extra reservations.

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