Polka Dots in Men’s Fashion

Bring back the ancient bond today. Trendy look and style are available in the Polka dot ties. Polka dot ties come in a variety of brilliant colors to go with any shirt or dress you want to wear. The dots come in various sizes and colors.

Although most men prefer Polka Print Shirts (also known as Polka Print skjorter in Danish language) for semi-formal events and recreation, some with small dots beautifully caught up with the background color can serve for official purposes. It is not advisable to wear a polka tie for functions or events seriously. The larger the dots, the more informal look.

Select polka dots bind with no more than two colors – one for the points and the other as the background color for formal wear. Always ensure that the dominant color of the background tie with spots in accordance with a shirt and jacket you want to wear for the occasion.


Mostly, spots tie goes well with a plain color shirt or dress. However, you can use the polka dot ties in small stripe shirt and tiny squares. The overall objective is to ensure that what you are wearing your brand look good.

It is best used when the idea is to combine or mix of textures or colors that contrast with the prevailing color of the shirt or dress. Also polka dot ties can be used to carefully raise the secondary colors such as red. Make sure that when used with a striped shirt that compliments the color is very good.

Again, the connection pattern worn by the older generation has a way of affecting people charged today.