Terms to Know before Playing Axe Throwing

It is good to familiarize yourself with some terms if you’re planning to jump down in the rabbit hole which is basically a well-known term for modern axe throwing. There are various axe throwing leagues that happen around the world.

If you are willing to take part in the league that happens around the world then firstly you have to start taking part in the local leagues. You can learn the terminology of Axe Throwing at paintballusa, you can also play there for fun and enjoyment. 

The Ultimate Axe Throwing Guide

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Bullseye is the term used by every organization for the goal of axe throwing. This is directly in the middle, no matter the color or size, you have to throw the axe in the center. You have to hit the axe with full satisfaction so that it ultimately reaches the goal.


There is also a term called Rotation. It refers to the spinning motion in which the axe moves before it lands on the target. Axe throwing is not like bowling. In bowling, the ball can roll numerous times but in axe throwing, the axe has to make 1 full rotation to stick. Your axe can also make 2 or 3 rotations according to the distance but it has to complete at least 1 rotation.

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