Things to Pack before Travelling to Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the best countries for those who wish to have fun for their holidays. From beaches to beautiful religious attractions, from delicious foods to awesome array of islands, Indonesia is never a boring country. Along with the experiences waiting for you in Indonesia, you also need to keep an eye on the items you need to carry. These are a few things you should bring along when it comes to packing a trip to Indonesia.

  1. Scarf – This handy item is important to bring along with you. For once; it acts as a storage for keeping your wallet and other important items. Second; it acts as a pillow while traveling in an aircraft. Finally; a scarf allows women to cover their shoulders while visiting a few religious attractions.
  2. Sleeping Pills – Traveling can sometimes make one feel jet-lagged which in turn causes a disturb to your sleep cycle. In order to avoid jet-lag, you can always carry a few sleeping pills that will help you to sleep peacefully and normally. You can easily get sleeping pills from a pharmacy OTC.
  3. Sunscreen – Indonesia’s weather is usually on the humid side. Make sure you bring sunscreen with SPF over 15 that will protect your skin from sunburns and rashes.
  4. Valid Passport and Visa – Make sure you carry a valid passport that has a minimum validity of 6 months. Visa too needs to be approved or else you aren’t going to get an entry to Indonesia.

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