Tips For Diabetes Wound Care

Newly-diagnosed diabetes patients will likely not be surprised to hear that routine blood sugar monitoring and dietary constraints will be new parts of their health care routine, but it may surprise to hear their condition also requires careful foot care.

This is because the excess blood glucose caused by diabetes can slowly eat away in the capillaries in one's extremities, causing neurological damage that leads to pain or numbness. For more information about diabetic wound care treatment, you can click here now.

diabetic wound care treatment,

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Basic Foot Maintenance For Diabetics

The most important thing any diabetic can do for their feet is to keep them clean, dry and warm for the purpose of maintaining whatever blood circulation is present in the feet.

Avoid activities such as sitting cross-legged smoking, or hosiery with tight elastic, wearing socks or all of which may impede blood flow.

Diabetic Orthotics

When it comes to shoes and socks, the main attributes to look for are unrestrictive and hot. But, occasionally diabetics require footwear of a more technical nature.

A podiatrist specializing in diabetes treatment will be able to fit you with orthotics, shoe suits that supply the precise types of support and space your feet need both to help in walking and also to prevent the types of constraints that ordinary shoes can put on parts of the feet which need special care for diabetics.

Diabetic Foot Care Devices

Along with orthotics, there is a range of devices on the marketplace that can make it easier for diabetics to enjoy life with a minimum of pain related to their disease.

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