How to Buy Auction Cars

We are not sure how long this was going on but I can guess that this was happening for months. The mechanic stated he originally asked a dealer to buy auction cars for his friends and family. Which is a violation of the car auction rules?

The mechanic claims that he was then approached by the dealer and was offered money to steer the dealer towards the gems in the car auction. This then grew into the car dealer talking the mechanic into creating gems for him. The way it worked was the mechanic would build a problem into the vehicle well before the car auction day.

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The mechanic would disable the vehicle in many different clever ways to avoid detection. The mechanic knowing how the system worked would make the car appear to have a major drive train problems even though it did not. Let me give you some examples. We caught him letting out the hydraulic fluid on the clutch system of a manual transmission vehicle.

This would stop the vehicle from going into gear and would cause the vehicle to appear to have a clutch or transmission problem. The vehicle would then be pushed through the sale and bought by his dealer buddy. The mechanic would then go to this dealers lot and fill and bleed the clutch system thus restoring the vehicle’s full retail value. Another trick he was using was to put a 2-cycle oil mix in the fuel system.