How To Choose The Right Forklift

There are a wide variety of forklifts and truck lifts of various brands, models, and features, on the market, so be sure that no matter your project you’ve got the tools you need to finish the job.

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Check out this list of factors to take into consideration when choosing the right forklift for your company:


Measure your indoor entrance in which you plan to use your forklift. Bring your measurements to your local expert to make sure your forklift can fit through the entryway of your building and move around without damaging support beams or light fixtures.

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Fuel Type

Most places offer an assortment of forklift types for your convenience, including electric, and diesel; each better suited for a different setting. Electric forklifts are most effective for work indoors, such as warehouse work. These lifts are compact, great for zipping quietly through aisles and requires less maintenance overall. 

Diesel lifts are generally able to lift heavier loads and move faster. The initial cost is lower, and refilling at a gas pump is quick and convenient.


Another important consideration when selecting the right forklift are the tyres. 

There are many types of forklift tyres on the market, each with a unique set of ideal conditions. Typically used for work indoors are Polyurethane wheels. The traction level offers a slight resistance, which works to extend the lifetime of the tire.

Pneumatic tyres are recommended for rough, uneven ground outdoors. With thick tread and water-resistant rubber, these tyres will last through many projects.

There are many, many factors to consider when choosing the right forklift for your business. Discuss your needs, concerns, and expectations with a professional and get to work.