MIG Welding Certification – Common Tests and Tips

MIG welding certification tests are kind of rare for structural welding jobs. They are more commonly used for pipe welds. Here's a really common test setup:

E70S6 bare cable with 75/25 argon/CO2 protecting gas

The origin is welded downhill, and the remaining moves are welded uphill. Some MIG welding evaluations utilize Flux core mug for your fill passes following the origin is welded with bare cable MIG. E70S6 is utilized for the origin and E71-T1 is employed for the first core fill moves. If you want to buy pro spot welder then you can visit websites like https://isatwelding.com/pro-spot-products/.

MIG Welding Certification - Common Tests and Tips

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A 6G standing downhill root pass free of backing demands the welder to reposition his own body to keep weapon angle and also to remain in the sweet spot of this puddle without even shooting whiskers through. Sounds simple, but under the strain of knowing that a great paying pipe welding job is in danger, the shakes may take over and destroy your day. That is why it's important to exercise enough so you won't be anxious on evaluation day.


Stick out = the space between your arc and also the touch tip. Keep it brief on bare cable MIG and more on regular core

MIG gun angle: The pipe is around. Duh. right? Maintaining a gun angle right on a 6-inch pipe signifies altering position easily and frequently. All the while making sure that you don't shoot cable through the origin.

Maintain the nozzle wash: A nozzle filled with spatter will eventually short out once you touch the aluminum nozzle into the pipe. Wash the nozzle each pass.

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