Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Settlements in Dallas

In the state of California in the United States, three legal cases have found Monsanto liable for damages caused by their Roundup products.

For the first case back in August of 2018, the state court awarded a groundskeeper $289 million (the amount was later reduced to $78 million) after a ruling that Roundup caused his cancer. In March 2019, a second glyphosate lawsuit was ruled in the plaintiff’s favor as he won $80 million in damages because he had used Roundup on his property.

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Why Roundup Cancer Lawsuits?

Recently, a third case was decided on May 13, 2019. A married couple claimed that using the herbicide caused their non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They were awarded $2 billion in punitive damages and $55 million in compensatory damages.

Mass Tort Claim: Monsanto Lawsuit Roundup

Many of the plaintiffs’ glyphosate lawsuit claims against Roundup fall under the legal case of strict liability. Strict liability focuses on proving that the company knew or should have known about a product defect and taken the necessary precautions of fixing the issue or warning the public about the problem before they used the product.

In these cases, many plaintiffs’ claim that Monsanto should have properly warned people about the risks linking glyphosate used in Roundup to the increased risks of developing rare cancers.

Due to Monsanto failing to inform the public about the risks of the main ingredient in their herbicide, or taking action to use a less toxic chemical, many juries are siding with the plaintiffs in these cases.

The Roundup product currently does not have a cancer warning label as is still being sold in stores. As the number of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cases increases, the lawsuits are putting added pressures on the company that may lead them to out-of-court settlements for the remaining lawsuits.