The Problems We May Still Face Even Though A Bird Flu Vaccine Is Introduced

The bird influenza virus gets constant changes as it mutates genetically. This makes identification of one specific virus type while at fault absolutely not possible. For the very same reason, any pharmaceutical groundwork targeting a special form of the virus will be unworthy in case influenza is caused by a busted virus originated from the old one.

The World Health Organization leads an International Influenza Surveillance Network together with 110 influenza centers in 83 countries and four WHO Collaborating Centers.

Representative examples of patients with bird flu-like symptoms have been collected and investigated for bird influenza viruses. If anyone is having the symptoms of the Influenza virus then he or she should wear a face mask. To know about the face protective mask you can navigate to

face mask

The latest strains circulating across the world have been identified and recommendations are made regarding the influenza vaccine's composition. Subsequent to the WHO giving recommendations for the breeds to be placed into the vaccine from the selection of the strains to be utilized in the vaccine, and all the way to the last vaccine is a lengthy process which can take up to 68 weeks. 

Production of the new vaccine breed starts instantly after the WHO admits the strains. The breeds subsequently undergo quality testing. The bird flu vaccine includes unique side effects too. Currently, the total manufacturing capacity of the earth is about 300 million influenza vaccines per year. And the entire world population is roughly 6.5 billion!

So it's fairly apparent that in the case of a pandemic perhaps not everyone can be vaccinated unless we stockpile vaccine or produce it in war footing; the former being not possible since the composition of vaccine keeps changing every year and would not be possible in the near future. 

For these reasons when a pandemic does occur, then for some starting weeks, we won't have bird flu vaccines at our disposal and our only saving grace will be non-medicinal measures.

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